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Lansdowne Cantonment falls in the heart of Distt Pauri Garhwal of Uttaranchal State. In 1886 on the recommendation of the Field Marshal Sir FS Roberts, C-in-C India, it was decided to raise a separate Regiment of the Garhwal.

The spot which was Virgin forest, popularly known as Kaludanda situated about 6000 feet high was approved for the location of the Cantonment & the Regiment by Brig. Gen J. Murray, GOC Rohilkhand Distt. Kalundanda Comprised largely of Oak and Rhodondendron forest which assumed a darkish tinge particularly when viewed from distance in the gray, foggy weather that often prevailed here, thus named Kalundanda.

On 21 September 1890 Kalundanda was renamed as Lansdowne after the then viceroy of India, Lord Henry Lansdowne.

The Ist Battalion of the Garhwal Rifles, under the Lt. Col. E.P. Mainwaring who move into Kalundanda on 4th Nov. 1887 did their share of the work in connecting their temporary Camp on post Office Prade ground with main prade ground. Mainwaring lines were the first set of barrack constructed by the troop of the Garhwal Rifle. Thus the new lines were named after the first Commanding Officer of first Garhwal Rifle as Mainwaring lines.

Lansdowne Cantonment came in existence in the year 1887. Now it is the Training Centre of Garhwal Rifles Regiment.

Lansdowne does not have any place of importance but it lies on the route to some places Internationally known for their significance which are Bardrinath, Hemkund and valley of flowers, Kedarnath and Corbat National Park.

Surrounded by thick Oak and Pine forests, Lansdowne is a very charming place for a quiet holiday as it is devoid of the usual hustles and bustle of other stations. Lansdowne has scenic beauty and good surroundings. The pine and oak trees provide a healthy climate. The Cantt Board keeps the town fresh as a daisy.

The Motto of Cantonment Board of Lansdowne is, to provide civil services to the civil residents of Lansdowne Cantt, like sanitations, water supply, medical facilities, education, street lighting, public urinals, cleaning and maintains Cantt fund, properties, such a public roads, buildings, parks etc. It functions under the provisions of the Cantt Act 2006.

Lansdowne Cantonment was established in – 1887

Category of Cantt – III

Area – 1503.8339 Acres

Population as per census 2011

(a) Civil – 3141
(b) Military – 2526

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